Computer Security

USB Security: The Often Overlooked Security Hole

You’ve likely got a USB security problem that you don’t even know about.
An often-overlooked component of any secure network infrastructure is USB security. While most businesses maintain at least some basic digital security infrastructure ranging from basic virus detection software to inward and outward facing firewalls (if your business does not have a security plan in place, stop right here […]

Windows 10 Upgrade: Free Now, Costly Later

Let’s take a moment to discuss how getting your Windows 10 Upgrade today can save you money.
At the end of July (on the 29th to be exact), Microsoft will discontinue its offer to upgrade your version of either Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. Once the promotion ends, it will cost $200 for an upgrade license for Windows Pro, […]

Ransomware: An Old Problem Reborn in the 21st Century

Ransomware is an Old Concept
To understand ransomware, lets start by going back 150 years. Imagine for a moment that your business has recently set up shop somewhere in the Old West, perhaps out in California where newly unearthed gold wealth shines as bright as the California sun. You have set out your wares and should expect a stream of new […]

Security Vulnerability Leaves Linux Users Exposed

With all of the recent breaches at retailers, cloud service providers, and credit card companies, you would be forgiven for believing that your data was safer on your computer at home. But if you are one of the millions of people running many of the most common distributions of Linux you would be wrong. An overlooked security vulnerability in a […]