Windows 10 Upgrade: Free Now, Costly Later

Windows 10 Upgrade: Free Now, Costly Later

Let’s take a moment to discuss how getting your Windows 10 Upgrade today can save you money.

At the end of July (on the 29th to be exact), Microsoft will discontinue its offer to upgrade your version of either Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. Once the promotion ends, it will cost $200 for an upgrade license for Windows Pro, and $120 for Windows Home. By upgrading to Windows 10 with HumanIT, you can save big today.

While you may have become accustomed to clicking the ‘x’ on tedious and annoying upgrade reminders, this time you should consider taking the bait. Compared to earlier versions of Windows, Windows 10 offers vastly improved security that will protect you and your business as well as the latest new and updated software features. By the way, Windows 10 is also faster than the previous incarnations of the Windows operating system. In fact, you may recoup the time it takes to switch simply through the shorter load-times you will experience both online and using your desktop software everyday. If a potentially complex migration process concerns you, have no fear, our migration specialists will handle the entire installation process and provide the advice and training you need to flatten out the learning curve.

Another reason that you should get your Windows 10 upgrade now is that your company will probably need to migrate to Windows 10 sooner rather than later anyway. Microsoft has decided that it will no longer support older versions of Windows on new hardware, which means that when your company decides to upgrade its equipment, you will be locked into using the latest version of Windows regardless of your personal preferences. Given these circumstances, Windows has made upgrading now very attractive for businesses and personal users alike.

The best part is that after a year on the market, Windows 10 has graduated from it’s early teething issues. Aside from certain vendor-specific applications dependent on features from decades past Windows XP era (which your Windows 7 or 8 installations probably couldn’t run regardless), Windows 10 maintains a near perfect record of compatibility with business and personal software. It is quite simply the smoothest upgrade process Microsoft has provided in the 30 year history of the Windows operating system. Even today it’s still possible to run most DOS software under Windows 10. And any compatibility issues that do crop up will be ironed out quickly by our tech team. Furthermore, the Windows 10 upgrade has made Microsoft’s venerable operating system even more-user friendly with its new easy-to-use start menu and the Cortana voice assist which will make searching the web as well as through your computer for those lost files much easier. The only definitive downside of Windows 10 is that it comes with some brand new games including Candy Crush to lose countless hours playing. Of course if you don’t want your employees playing games on the clock, Windows’ new simpler uninstall method means we can rid you of the distraction with only two clicks.

At HumanIT, we pride ourselves on providing you with the latest Windows 10 updates and information, and the quickest, easiest deployment that can be done. We will ensure software and hardware compatibility, migrate all of your previous settings and files, perform full image backups, enable all of Windows 10’s new features, and troubleshoot any issues that arise. Allow us to ensure the smooth and painless installation of your new operating system. If you are still uncertain about how a Windows 10 upgrade might affect your computers, give us a call or sign up here for us to come out and perform a FREE, no obligation Windows 10 Migration Analysis for your business. Take advantage of our comprehensive plan to get your systems upgraded with minimal to no downtime.

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    I am currently using Windows Vista Home Premium Professonal w servie pack2 How can I obtain a free upgrade update to Windows 10?

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